Thursday, January 3, 2013

Two very useful English words that don't exist in French...

Delphine Autret, a Meribel-based translator, has emailed Culturissima the following humorous take on why English language is littered with so many French words... we particularly enjoyed the last paragraph.

It shouldn't be forgotten, though, that there are a fair few English phrases in contemporary French. Not so long ago, Libération's front page showed a life-size (okay, j'exagère) photo of Nicolas Sarkozy under the title "Président Bling-Bling", and it's impossible to read an article on London in the French press without stumbling across the phrase "so British" (invariably written as "so british").

And, most important of all perhaps, "happy hour" in French is just that - though it sounds much more continental as "'appy 'our", bien sûr.

With thanks to the TGV magazine and the author of the article, David Lowe.

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